Programming Changes and Technical Issues

UCTV Changes
Starting March 1st, University of California TV was dropped from the DISH TV lineup. Marin TV frequently programs UCTV on the Education Channel 30. As a result we have had to install equipment to receive UCTV programming via the internet as well as work through some resulting issues that web streaming poses. UCTV initially had difficulty providing a reliable stream - but has since worked out problems on their end. Though our cablecasts appear normal, we still see issues on our Channel 30 web stream for UCTV and are troubleshooting that. If you should see any issues with the channel - please do let us know at

FSTV Changes - The Thom Hartman Program
FSTV has changed the times of their programming lineup and as of 4/13 we are still working though some changes on our end as a result of the adjustments. These changes seem to only affect the Thom Hartman Program which has been moved to Channel 30 at 1:00 pm Mon-Fri.

Last week we also saw some bad transmissions of Democracy Now from FSTV, you may have noticed the poor video quality. This appears to have been fixed and the program appears normal again.