Core Workshops

Studio Production (4 sessions)

Immerse you in all aspects of in-studio production so you can use the Marin TV studio for your own productions.

“I appreciate that a class this valuable is so affordable and allows you to be producers right away. Amazing!” (Oshalla M., San Rafael)

Field Camera Production (3 sessions)

Get your hands on the Sony X70 camera and quality microphones needed to create TV programs like a pro.

"Reasonably priced and a great value." (Bill H., Novato)

Final Cut Pro X Editing(3 sessions)

Learn how to edit video with user-friendly Final Cut Pro X.

“Hands on. Much personal attention.” (Barry W., Tiburon)

Basic Mac Skills (1 session)

Are you a Mac "newbie" enrolled in Intro to FCP X? This free class is a must.

"An excellent teacher. Patient and informative." (Rachelle L., San Rafael)

Advanced Workshops


The planning stage of video production is the most important. Use your head now, and save yourself headaches during production.

“I like the workshops! Keep 'em coming!” (Veda F., Novato)

Multi-Camera Field Production

Shoot and switch among multiple cameras at events on location.

“It's like having a portable studio on location!” (Adam M., San Rafael)

Three-Point Lighting

Next to power, lighting is a videographer's best friend. Get to know it!

"This class is illuminating!" (Jeanette E., Sausalito)


Learn how to turn blank pages into a page-turner.

"I really loved this class!" (Kathleen J., Sausalito)