Our mission is to provide Marin County residents, schools, businesses and nonprofits with production services, media training, access to media tools, and transmission of locally produced non-commercial content on the public and educational cable channels we manage. Marin TV’s Channel Listing:

Community Channel (Comcast 26 & AT&T 99): Non-commercial, protected speech community programming is submitted by Marin County residents and organizations.

Governmental Channel (Comcast 27 & AT&T 99): Programming serving the County and municipalities of Marin County submitted by city/county governments and their respective agencies.

Education Channel (Comcast 30 & AT&T 99): Programming serving the needs of Marin County educational institutions and a source of programming residents pursuing life-long learning.

CMCM strives to ensure that the channels we manage reflect the demographics and diverse viewpoints of the County we serve. Our policies for the CMCM facilities and producers of programming can be found in our Membership Handbook (PDF).