Georgia Annwell Gallery

Sik.Star's "Trip-a-Tourium"


The thought-provoking work of Sik.Star will be featured in CMCM's Georgia Annwell Gallery Space from December 14 to February 16.
Featuring paintings and mixed media artworks, Trip-a-Tourium is an all blacklight exhibition.


About the Artist:

Sik.Star pulls from humor, conspiracies, pop culture, spirituality, and life experiences to create psychedelic pieces that challenge the viewer's perception and invites them to form their own opinions. She is a proponent of using recycled resources to utilize items we take for granted such as up-cycled spray cans, lamps, mannequins, and other oddities.

Born in the heart of Greenwich Village, NYC, a deep love for art was forever entangled in her being. She was raised in an inherently creative household where art was an everyday part of life. This hobby evolved into a Sik.Star's ultimate life goal to be a "creator" and to constantly share her work with the world.

She is currently living/working in the San Francisco Bay Area/NYC and travels frequently.

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Please feel free to visit the exhibit any time during our normal business hours:

Tuesday - Thursday 2 - 9 pm
Friday - Saturday 11am - 6 pm
Closed Sun/Mo

Showing through:
February 16, 2019