Lobby Lounge is Back in the Studio!

Young Marin Musicians Show Off Talent at Marin TV

Marin IJ columnist Paul Liberatore has returned to the Marin TV studio to record another season of his popular show, Lobby Lounge. For years, Liberatore has invited Marin-based musicians ages 10 - 18 to showcase their talent to our television audience. So far this season, a number of incredibly diverse bands have blown us away. See for yourself! And thank you to all who make this special program possible.

Episode 1 - Cubed (Brandeis Marin)

Episode 2 - Lucy London (Novato High School)

Episode 3 - Elle Perozzi and Alex Neupauer (Redwood High School)

Episode 4 - Natalia Betzler (Tamalpais High School)

Episode 5 - Enriching Lives Through Music: Bartok Ensemble

Episode 6 - The Disciples of Ozz (Redwood High School)

Watch episodes online today:


Or catch them on the Education Channel, Comcast CH 30 at the following times:

Sunday, 2/10 @ 9 PM

Wednesday, 2/13 @ 8 PM