Marin Poets Live! Television Marathon - Sunday April 24

Poetry fuels our intellect, sparks our imagination and makes us all dream out loud.

Join us on Marin TV this Sunday April 24, as we celebrate National poetry month with a Marin Poets Live! marathon.

Four years ago, the Marin County Free Library began this series hosted by Neshama Franklin and crewed by Marin TV volunteers Brian Jones, Nancy Finston, Lori Greenleaf, Brad Flaharty and others. Thirty eight episodes later the series is still going strong, giving voice to Marin's poetry community!

Tune in Sunday - we promise your week will be the better for it!

Schedule for Sunday April 24th on the Education Channel
(Comcast CH 30 | AT&T CH 99 and

9:00 AM Jackie Kudler
9:30 AM Gerald Fleming & Barbara Swift Bauer
10:00 AM Doreen Stock
10:30 AM Margaret Kaufman & Albert Flynn DeSilver
11:00 AM Joanne Kyger
11:30 AM Kay Ryan
12:00 PM Claudia Chapline & Giovanni Singleton
12:30 PM Sharon Fain & Joseph Zaccardi
1:00 PM CB Follett & Kathy Evans
1:30 PM Brenda Hillman
2:00 PM Prartho Sereno & Claire Blotter
2:30 PM Jane Hirshfield
3:00 PM Karen Benke & Daniel Polikoff
3:30 PM Janet Jennings
4:00 PM Rebecca Foust
4:30 PM Catherine Clark-Sayles
5:00 PM Joan Baranow
5:30 PM Bill Noble
6:00 PM Terry Phelan
6:30 PM Dick Brown
7:00 PM Calvin Alhgren
7:30 PM William Carney
8:00 PM Andrea Freeman
8:30 PM Cathy Shea

Schedule for Sunday morning April 24th on the Community Channel
(Comcast CH 26 | AT&T CH 99 and

9:30 AM Janet Jennings
10:00 AM Rebecca Foust
10:30 AM Catharine Clark-Sayles
11:00 AM Joan Baranow
11:30 AM Bill Noble
12:00 PM Terry Phelan
12:30 PM Dick Brown
1:00 PM Calvin Alhgren

Also see episodes online at the Marin County Free Library