Strengthen community media in Marin. How?

Become a Producer:
Bring your own pre-produced program to CMCM -- or sponsor one -- for cablecast on Marin TV's Community Channel 26. No fees are required to air programs. Simply download a Playback Application and Statement of Compliance (PDF), and bring the completed forms into CMCM with your DVD or Quicktime Movie file. Producers may submit programming as a one-time special or as weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly series.

Become a Member:
Members can attend classes and become certified to use CMCM equipment and facilities. Annual membership fees and workshop tuitions are nominal. Member use of facilities and equipment to produce programs for Marin TV is free. Help support the work of CMCM. Become a member today! Individual memberships are $25 or $35; Organizational memberships are $75 or $150. Sign up for membership by clicking here.

Attend an Orientation:
The first step to CMCM membership is attending a free Orientation held on the first Tuesday of each month from 7 - 8:30 PM. Dates are posted on our website. Register in advance here. Learn about community media and become familiar with CMCM programs, services, policies, and procedures by perusing our Membership Handbook (PDF).