Core Workshops

Basic Field Camera Production (3 sessions)

Basic shooting, audio recording, and production skills are key to creating quality programs.  This core class offers hands-on training with Sony Z5 camcorders, microphones, and tripods. Other topics include equipment safety and CMCM checkout procedures.

Basic Studio Production (4 sessions)

Want to produce your own TV show in a full-service studio? This workshop will immerse you in all aspects of studio production, from lights and cameras to directing and audio. After attending all four sessions and demonstrating competency, students will be certified to use the Marin TV studio for their own productions.

Introduction to Final Cut Pro X (3 sessions)

You've shot your video. Now what? Learn to edit with user-friendly Final Cut Pro X. Set up your project, customize user preferences and settings, capture your video and audio, explore various trimming techniques, tweak your audio track, and convert your final video into a broadcast-ready format.

Basic Mac Skills (2-hour session)*

If you plan to learn Final Cut Pro X and are unfamiliar with the Mac interface, this workshop is a must. Get to know the Mac, including how to open applications and manage files. *Limited to Final Cut Pro X class registrants, this session is free and offered on the Friday before the first FCPX session.

Advanced Workshops


The first stage of video production is also the most important -- the planning phase. Learn the steps to ensure you have the proper research, equipment, crew, locations, schedule, and a clear idea about the content you must capture to make your project the best it can be.

Multi-Camera Field Shoots with the Anycast System

Using the Sony Anycast System enables you to shoot multi-camera coverage of an event on location.  In this workshop, students will become familiar with the Sony PD-170 camera and Sony Anycast System. Learn how to set up equipment, communicate with crew, troubleshoot, and more.

Three-Point Lighting

Next to power, lighting is a videographer's best friend. This course will help you understand the basic principles of three-point lighting and how to achieve greater stylistic control when shooting in the field. Get hands-on experience with lights including the Lowel Omni 500, Lowel Pro-Light, and Photoflex Starlite Softbox. Get comfortable using contrast ratios to create different moods, and make better use of existing conditions when few or no lights are available.

Advanced Final Cut-Pro X

If you're comfortable using Final Cut Pro X and ready to embrace more advanced editing functions, this workshop was designed for you. Focusing on Color Correction and Audio, you will also explore Multi-Camera Editing, Green Screening, and text stylizing.


Have you got a great story idea but are intimidated by the mere thought of writing a movie script? This workshop will demystify the process by teaching students the nuts and bolts of fiction screenwriting. Learn how to create compelling characters, write convincing dialogue, follow tried-and-true story structure, and put it all together to turn blank pages into a page-turner.

Additional Course Offerings

Introduction to After Effects, Introduction to Color Correction, Audio for Final Cut Pro X, Final Cut Pro 7 to X, On Camera Performance, Bring Your Own DSLR, DSLR Video Boot Camp, Photoshop: The Basics, Stand-Up Comedy, Sketch Writing, and Digital Storytelling.