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Aspect Ratio

John Morrison, Education Manager for CFI, hosts Aspect Ratio a magazine style show reviewing independent cinema.


Mill Valley First Friday: Envision It

Envision a sustainable future for the Bay Area.

Listen to architect, urban designer and urban planner Peter Calthorpe for a frank discussion on the future of development and population growth in the Bay Area. As a founding member of the Congress for New Urbanism, Calthorpe has dedicated his life to sustainable building and urban planning to accommodate the expanding needs and realities of our growing population.

Mill Valley Poetry World Series

To kickoff the baseball season, Mill Valley Public Library presents the
second "Poetry World Series," in which two teams of up-and-coming Bay Area
poets including Robin Ekiss, Troy Jollimore, Ada Limon, Dean Rader, and
Melissa Stein take turns “batting up” to a poem topic “pitched” to them.

The event was hosted by Daniel Handler (aka Lemony Snicket) and a panel of
judges, including Brian Murphy, sports-talk radio show host of KNBR’s Murph
and Mac show.

Tune in to find out who takes the world series title!


Lecture Series Featuring: Thomas Peele

Co-sponsored by CMCM and the College of Marin, Oakland based journalist
Thomas Peele speaks about his book Killing the Messenger.

Killing the Messenger investigates the murder of Chauncey Bailey, a
journalist killed in Oakland in 2007. Peele examines the historical,
political and social forces that led to the most violent act committed
against a journalist in the United States in thirty years. Killing the
Messenger reminds us of the power of journalism and why we must continue to
investigate and share the stories that matter to us most with our

LWV 2nd Congressional District Debate

The 12 registered candidates for the newly-drawn 2nd United States Congressional District participated in a debate at the Angelico Hall on the Dominican University of California campus. The candidates are, in alphabetical order: Susan Adams, Andy Caffrey, Brooke Clarke, William Courtney, Larry Fritzlan, Michael Halliwell, Jared Huffman, Stacey Lawson, John Lewallen, Tiffany Renee, Dan Roberts, and Norman Solomon. To find a full schedule of our debate coverage click on: WED, MAY 9TH, 6PM GOVERNMENT CHANNEL

India Untouched

This documentary is the most comprehensive look at the "untouchables" in India. Motivated by ancient religious edicts, no amount of governmental encouragement has been able to stem the tragic custom that separates human beings according to their birth. Those considered untouchable suffer severe isolation from other community members.

While the media projects a positive image of a democratic India, filmmaker Stalin K spends four years traveling the country to expose the continued oppression of the Dalits, "the broken people".


Living Good

Living Good with host, Amelia Avila, is a show that explores how to live a life that feels good...and is good for the planet!

Amelia features art and local artists, healthy recipes, tips on green living and more!

Check out Living Good the 3rd Tuesday of every month to learn simple environmentally friendly tips around the house or a new recipe with Amelia!


Programming Changes and Technical Issues

UCTV Changes

Dominican Leadership Lecture Series

The Lecture Series seeks to promote constructive change in our community and its organizations by bringing to Dominican University of California some of the country’s leading figures from the world of politics, entertainment, academia, and literature.

Wednesdays at 8PM Repeated Thursdays at 10:30AM
Education Channel

Brunch with Bernie Sanders

For the last six years, the widely-acclaimed The Big Picture with Thom Hartmann has devoted one hour each Friday to the program Brunch with Bernie, where Senator Bernie Sanders interacts with audiences from across the nation. Tune in to watch a discussion with Sanders, who is considered to be the longest serving independent member of Congress.

Fridays at 11AM Community Channel

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